pissed at papa johns

I would quit ordering from them but they are only ppl that I can guarantee are safe for me. I am very patient I don’t call till they are an hour late. Here is why I am pissed I called wondering why I didn’t have pizza yet it is one I placed order first thing this morning for noon I shouldn’tbe getting it after 1. The thing that rreally pissed me off is lady on phone they left ten minutes ago with it. An order that was supposed to be delivered over an hr ago. I don’t give a beep about discounts. It isn’t ok to be so late. What if I was throwing party I am not buf my guest woukd have left becaise they whrre hungry and we still didn’t have our food. Callme back in ten mintues if you still don’t have it.  I want to know why I didn’t have it over an hour ago when the order was placed for. It isn’tworth effort to call her back.   It is over an hr late and stupid guy thought I would accept his sorry and say thank you uh uh. AAfter I fijished my ridiculously late lunch. I am reporting the store it is way to late way to often.


special birthdays for children.

I am only going up to age 10 cause everyone knows from there on end. This is on my mind do to fact many little ones are approaching ages I consider special birthdays or have just had a special birthday.

Turning age 3 it isn’t that first three yrs aren’t special they are but age 3 is diffrent. When you turn 3 you are now a little child or kid and can start to do stuff on own and can have certiain things that would have been a no no for a 2 yr old.

Turning 5 is oh so specail because look at you a whole hand old and starting kindergarten. This isn’t super special but it is more of a deal then turning 4.

Turning 7 is really special you see. Look at all you have learned you are abig child/kid now. Family and friends are more likely to give you cash ora gift card now that you are big.

Tirning 10 makes you a preteen you have entered double digits and indeed that is specail.

Doc Mcstuffins

Ok so this is an entertaining show however I need to know rules of this world to understand show. If you haven’t seen Doc Mcstuffins it is cross between toy story and the Wild Thornberries with added fact she is a toy doctor. Her real name is Dottie but goes by Doc. Seriously I get conceptof grown ups not being allowed to know cause they are to old or whatever but why ccan’t her friends or her brother know? This becomes extermy questionble after florence nightgale episodd .The stethoscope seems dumb for using it to bring toys to like I get using it for toys check ups. Not only are rules of toys comkng to life so murky they never explained why only her at least in Wild thornberries they explained Eliza animal talking powers. Now back to Doc another thing I don’t get is why do some toys hurt when they sort of break and others don’t. Also squeakers a toy fish and Marvin a toy duck both water squirters ccan’t talk only squeaky when alive. They need to explain some things it only drives me so nuts cause other then lack of explanations it is a good show.

Racoon fell the roof

So there is a rain hole in my bedroom currently covered in tarp on roof. Poor racoon didn’t know celling was broken and was just looking to get out of ran. I don’t know if it broke the tarp yet or just lifted it up and woops I am in a house. Currently trying to bait it outside with goldfish crackers it was what I had to use as bait. I left tv in my room blasting so it wouldn’t be pleasant to encourage it to follow my trail if this fails will need to call animal control later. I know not to startle it. This one probably wouldn’t bite but better safe then sorry with any wildlife.

homemade tripod

CAM11054This homemade angled tripod is sittting on my wedge mat that is in block postion turned on it’s edge. So you are wondering how I made the angled tripod. This is for my phone just to specify. I used a nut can,3 plastc screws and plenty of duct tape. As you can see the screw edged are up. I carefully poked 3 holes in the lid. The screws came from a toy package that the toy will be a Christmas gift. I used wedge of duct tape to angle the green screw and secured the screms inside with some duct tape on inside. Put the lid on   and covered can in duct tape save the top for fact my phone case slides on duct tape.  Pretty much that is it. So you are asking why did I make a homemade angled tripod for my phone. No I am not a mind reader. I have a toy I will be reviewing soon for my YouTube channel same name you see here on YouTube. I needed a way for my smart phone camera to film my hands as they will be needed for the review. I don’t always go into such details with such reviews but this review I feel needs such information.

children vaccination

Oh here comes a nut you think whose extremly pro or extremely against them well no. Ok I am against all but the tentus shot for me. However as a whole I am for delayed vaccination we are putting to much into children’s systems at once so sometimes bodies refuse or confuse it. This coming from woman with vaccine horror stories which maybe one day I will share and despite that still don’t fear needles nor am I anti vaccine except two because well one comes with risk parents aren’ t told about the polio one and the other against is flu vaccine as it is guess work vaccine. You need to know if your child and yourself for that matter react negatively to most vaccines.  Yes they are awesome for some people but dangerous for others and government shouldn’t even if just for lubkic schools in California be forcing vaccines they are being sneak in way they do it but it is something that should be a choice. I a, for delayed vaccines.