Doc Mcstuffins

Ok so this is an entertaining show however I need to know rules of this world to understand show. If you haven’t seen Doc Mcstuffins it is cross between toy story and the Wild Thornberries with added fact she is a toy doctor. Her real name is Dottie but goes by Doc. Seriously I get conceptof grown ups not being allowed to know cause they are to old or whatever but why ccan’t her friends or her brother know? This becomes extermy questionble after florence nightgale episodd .The stethoscope seems dumb for using it to bring toys to like I get using it for toys check ups. Not only are rules of toys comkng to life so murky they never explained why only her at least in Wild thornberries they explained Eliza animal talking powers. Now back to Doc another thing I don’t get is why do some toys hurt when they sort of break and others don’t. Also squeakers a toy fish and Marvin a toy duck both water squirters ccan’t talk only squeaky when alive. They need to explain some things it only drives me so nuts cause other then lack of explanations it is a good show.


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