special birthdays for children.

I am only going up to age 10 cause everyone knows from there on end. This is on my mind do to fact many little ones are approaching ages I consider special birthdays or have just had a special birthday.

Turning age 3 it isn’t that first three yrs aren’t special they are but age 3 is diffrent. When you turn 3 you are now a little child or kid and can start to do stuff on own and can have certiain things that would have been a no no for a 2 yr old.

Turning 5 is oh so specail because look at you a whole hand old and starting kindergarten. This isn’t super special but it is more of a deal then turning 4.

Turning 7 is really special you see. Look at all you have learned you are abig child/kid now. Family and friends are more likely to give you cash ora gift card now that you are big.

Tirning 10 makes you a preteen you have entered double digits and indeed that is specail.


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