Avengers assemble hulked out hereos review

Darn it I typed out this entire review and stuff I typed failed to go thru. I know this is older show and one of earlier episodes. I hate the stuff with frurry idk how to spell his name it’s annoying I skipped most of it because he annoyed me. Hawkeye was tolerable here you know how he can be sometimes just a little Uhm annoyance in everything he is in. I loved the writing with Hulk and Widow. The fighting was good. The boys getting to understand Hulk partially was good. My favorite line was I’m angry not dumb. Hulk is always in control meaning that even as Hulk banner is very much in there. If your fan of Earth’s mightest hereos you won’t like this series. I don’t think that is very good it’s kind of like 80’d turtles that provides weird attachment to something that’s just ok.but for everyone else avengers assemble is good esp hulked out hereos. I give them 4 out of 5 it’s just the frurry stuff that looses a point. There is so much good though at begining dumb joke twice. They kind of acknowledge the joke not being smartest. I really liked this.