Great white shark have a lot to fear in the ocean not including humans

Great white sharks have nothing to fear. So not true. Bigger great white sharks will eat smaller ones. Easy pickings for tiger shark or bull sharks. Gaint squid will eat them. Bottle nose dolphins punch them for protection. Orcas who are a gaint dolphin love great whites and sperm whale. Great white sharks aren’t really that fearsome thanks for all the lies shark movies.they have a lot to fear beyond us. They aren’t really top predator.


Happy 13th birthday Mackenzie Ziegler

Happy 13th birthday to Mackenzie Ziegler on June 4th 2017. She was on dance moms for 6 years.she has guess starred twice in Nicky,Ricky, Dicky and Dawn. She has lots of music videos older ones under Mack Z. The two newest under Mackenzie Ziegler. She modeled for Ralph Lauren polo collection spring and ba k to school. She’s writing a book. She is a very talented young lady and today is her 13th birthday. I’m going to attach 3 collages that wish her s happy birthday.