children vaccination

Oh here comes a nut you think whose extremly pro or extremely against them well no. Ok I am against all but the tentus shot for me. However as a whole I am for delayed vaccination we are putting to much into children’s systems at once so sometimes bodies refuse or confuse it. This coming from woman with vaccine horror stories which maybe one day I will share and despite that still don’t fear needles nor am I anti vaccine except two because well one comes with risk parents aren’ t told about the polio one and the other against is flu vaccine as it is guess work vaccine. You need to know if your child and yourself for that matter react negatively to most vaccines.  Yes they are awesome for some people but dangerous for others and government shouldn’t even if just for lubkic schools in California be forcing vaccines they are being sneak in way they do it but it is something that should be a choice. I a, for delayed vaccines.


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