Nimble sports

Sorry for not posting in awhile life happens and gets busy. Let me preface what I am about to say is I played for this item out of my own pocket and they aren’t paying me for this. I bought a sectional gymnastics mat yesterday at 3 am morning from nimble sports. The mat was already delivered at about noon today by FedEx(still question this company). However mega compliments to nimble sports for quick shipping and the sectional mat is just what I needed it didn’t cost a lot for mat to extend my tumbl trak instead of buying whole new mat for over $100 I got the 2 ft exestion I needed for $49.95 that includes the shipping it is $30 something before shipping. It is a little wider with wise then my tumbl team mat but it will work great for me. Sectional mats are 2′ by 4′ I forget the height of both mats. Nimble sports sectional mat looks of except quality and what is awesome is they easily Velcro together despite being different brands. I needed the 2′ in length because my forward split length is longer then 6′ length and will give me a little more room for forward and backwards rolls and I won’t over shoot the mat. I will be getting more sectional mats from nimble sports at later date for like my beam and possibly some to create a floor for my routine later on. Thank you for your wonderfully quick service nimble sports



As most ppl do enjoy YouTube I do also.however I have noticed lately it has been turning many content creators into liars and others start as one thing then morph into another and I feel bad for snubbing but truthfully is the right thing to do.

Props too Kmart

I just want to give a quick thank you to Kmart just browsing things well on the toilet we all do it on are smart phones. I personally till recently do to my view felt awkward about Kmart. I grew up with venture. But why am I giving props to Kmart because unlike other stores online Kmart has the sort by age done right. Baby. 1-2 yr old. 3-5. And 6-8 that’s acceptable not 2-4 yr olds yolike other places.Yeah that’s right Kmart gets the basics and that derves a huge thumbs up an a thank you.

ADHD and me

For me it was clear that way my brain worked was a bit different before I even turned 1. How many infants learn to stand then dive bomb out of their crib before they learn to walk it isn’t many I do think their are better diagnostics options then the survey we use. I wasn’t officially diagnosed till 27 because as child my pediatrician didn’t want to admit it I know she knew but also at the time in 90’s their was no overall so can’t truly blame her especially from what I know of rittilian it is not a good thing.I even once in early school days had teacher call me a spazzy I think it was my second grade teacher. I more nor less got expelled from my first kindergarten do to bei refusing to read a witch book. It was considered being defiant to the teacher. I know I messed with my families head when I was small runni off. It was just very clear I was ADHD, even of no one wanted to officially say so till I was a grown woman. However we know it is a neurobiological disorder which means for young children instead of saying flat out every child is ADHD test them nerolgically to find out. As paper Iinterview could be wack and will ensure a college kid doesn’t fake ot for the drugs trust me college kids be insane. Also ensures teachers aren’t just trying to get a zombie class in primary and middle school which means overly well behaved children. For preschooler I was kept busy but did’t go to preschool so I wouldn’t be disruptive it .

Trying fairy bread review

I was so scared of trying thievIng didn’t want to film self trying it. My reaction is meh probably never eating it again but it wasn’t as gross or creepy as I thought it would be. It just taste like you put sprinkles on bread. I thought it feel like crushing dead skulls it didn’t thankfully not that I know what that is like in my mouth but you know that creepy crunch on something soft it wasn’t that. So that’s right Saturday I tried fairy bread and order Shopkins. I will review Shopkins once they arrive as well as other interesting things that happen to me. Or rant if I need to. This was just to say I am glad I tried fairy bread but I won’t be tryieating it ever again as was underwhelmed but thankfully not grossed out which is big deal as I have mouth texture issues. I freak if my eggs aren’t cooked thru. Now guess I have added some pictures of what my fairy bread looked like and sorry ppl in Australia andNew Zeland I used margarine instead of butter as that’s what I use. Now if not from like half way or more around the world from Indiana USA I challenge you to make and try fairy bread. Bacon my piggy friend and little hounding Harvey your mama make you each a peice with sprinkles you like best.CAM08219