Handy Manny

Yes I am fan of the show Handy Manny desoite being almost 30 it is good show. I have one question about it why can only some tools talk in there world and others can’t?

I was looking for that answer when I found ppl where seriously confused. Let’sset automotive team and beamer asside. Manny’s tools are like his children let’s just be honest. ┬áThis is my best guess on there ages and age order Dusty is oldest age 10, Turner is 9, Philippe 8, Stretch 7, Rust6(they took page from sesame street about 6 yr olds), Pat 5, Squeeze is 3 or 4. Flicker is about 2 yrs old. Yes Pat seems to have delays and Squeeze mild speech impediment. Ok tools are done

Is Mr .Lopart gay? In my honest opinion no he is asexual whom likes his cat,mom and purple. I say no because others have shown attraction for others.

What is deal with Manny and Kelly’s relationship they are boyfriend and girlfriend but are very busy ppl so don’t get whole lot if time for just them. On similar note Elliot Kelly’s brother and Carmella aren’t dating but are in flirting stage you know awkward time when you are more then friends but not bf and gf yet.

Manny’s parents are dead it is easy presumption. Though Idk how the deal with Manny supposedly being his sister’s only brother works when he has an older brother. That kind of is weird.

There’s my thoughts on Handy Manny