Dislike of all Hallows eve

Good-Fun-Halloween-Quotes (2)I never really understood why most parents encourage children on October 31st to beg for candy usually from strangers. I admit it I foolishly at times when toeing my single dad when I was in hs I took younger siblings out twice it was before I fully understood what I was doing despite what I had witnessed as child. We did have a rule of only going to ppls house we knew and I  ttoto aapapraproaprovaproveapprove tththethe ccocosttcostume before they could wear it  I was pretty strict the two yrs we didn’t but allowing them to do it was very wrong of me. Of course during those 4yrs no one had control over my full  aas she was preteen to young teen and it shared to stop them and if you try to it makes them want to  it more. However I do feel remorse for making little ones stumble. Brother was only 5  going on six dudette of two yrs we did stand. And younger of two sisters was 7 going on 18. I was 15 yr old freshman in hs almost 16will explaiwhy I was spoils. To be freshman at another time. We also went my junior yr of hs. I wish I hadn’t taken them trick or treating. I also wish 10 yes ago I hadn’t dressed up baby brother in fireman outfit and went trick or treating with family that yr sadly dad had passed on by then.


Why once a year is it ok to beg for candy from strangers. It sounds to me like bad idea for impressionable children. I do not have exact bible verse but many bible verses warn us against being stumbling block unto little children. I am pretty sure confusing them is s stumbling block. One of many reasons I dislike this so called holiday.included in this is picture that inspired this post




3 thoughts on “Dislike of all Hallows eve”

  1. You know me and my parents will sometimes dress up if we are going out like to Petsmart or to a friends house but we don’t go door to door. Mommy says if we want something special for Halloween, she will gladly buy us whatever we want. Why go out begging for food, right? XOXO – Bacon

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    1. Indeed my piggy friend. Their are other issues with it as well and please do not read Friday’s post as you are still a young pig and your furry siblings I will be describing some bad things that happened to cousins of them. Remind your mom to be villgient with huodini tomorrow as ppl do kindap animals then.


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