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Incredibles 2 thoughts

Spoilers ahead.The short before the movie is creepy it was disgusting when where ate child dumpling was disgusting. The rest was weird. Now for movie and random thoughts. Caution if you have epilepsy or migraines. I could tell before they went to flashing scene so knew to cover my eyes just before happened and could tell when it would be safe to watch. I predicted vilianist before hand I’m not saying who it should be picked up pretty quickly but that doesn’t make it less intense. It’s definitely worth the watch. I don’t do 3d that’s your decision to see in 2d or 3d I can’t see 3d so be waste on me. You’ve seen the trailers you know Jack Jack has like 20 powers. What isn’t mentioned but you will see near the end add third power to Violet’s list of powers her kick was physically strong she’s in junior high and was able to kick woman about a foot taller then her a good three feet away. Of the children in this movie while they try to frame it like Jack Jack is amnamoly and his whrpowers are facinatating really Dash is the anamonly of this family for the kids with one power of speed his kicks was just his surper speed used in different position you can see difference in his vs Violet’s. Violet has 3 powers that we know. Jack Jack has like 20 where Dash just has the one. I don’t think Violet’s aware of her super strength.


Glee Brittany raped Artie

It’s really just fact Glee season 2 Brittany never asked Artie if was ok to have sex and he felt hurt afterwards. She literally picked him up out of wheelchair character Artie is younger then character Brittany no consent for sex happened she never asked. The pre sex picture will be attached. It doesn’t matter if felt good in moment.tmp_15303-Glee-duets-brittany-artie428511475.jpg female on male rape he so doesn’t look ok with it in picture.

Avengers assemble hulked out hereos review

Darn it I typed out this entire review and stuff I typed failed to go thru. I know this is older show and one of earlier episodes. I hate the stuff with frurry idk how to spell his name it’s annoying I skipped most of it because he annoyed me. Hawkeye was tolerable here you know how he can be sometimes just a little Uhm annoyance in everything he is in. I loved the writing with Hulk and Widow. The fighting was good. The boys getting to understand Hulk partially was good. My favorite line was I’m angry not dumb. Hulk is always in control meaning that even as Hulk banner is very much in there. If your fan of Earth’s mightest hereos you won’t like this series. I don’t think that is very good it’s kind of like 80’d turtles that provides weird attachment to something that’s just ok.but for everyone else avengers assemble is good esp hulked out hereos. I give them 4 out of 5 it’s just the frurry stuff that looses a point. There is so much good though at begining dumb joke twice. They kind of acknowledge the joke not being smartest. I really liked this.

Great white shark have a lot to fear in the ocean not including humans

Great white sharks have nothing to fear. So not true. Bigger great white sharks will eat smaller ones. Easy pickings for tiger shark or bull sharks. Gaint squid will eat them. Bottle nose dolphins punch them for protection. Orcas who are a gaint dolphin love great whites and sperm whale. Great white sharks aren’t really that fearsome thanks for all the lies shark movies.they have a lot to fear beyond us. They aren’t really top predator.

Happy 13th birthday Mackenzie Ziegler

Happy 13th birthday to Mackenzie Ziegler on June 4th 2017. She was on dance moms for 6 years.she has guess starred twice in Nicky,Ricky, Dicky and Dawn. She has lots of music videos older ones under Mack Z. The two newest under Mackenzie Ziegler. She modeled for Ralph Lauren polo collection spring and ba k to school. She’s writing a book. She is a very talented young lady and today is her 13th birthday. I’m going to attach 3 collages that wish her s happy birthday.


I’m terrified of flying but I will fly this November. I’m not looking forward to the TSA. But this randomly made me think of post 9/11 when I visited arch. To get into building we had to go thru metal detector. I informed the female missions trip advisor I guess that’s what we called them and she told me what to say to the security personal I was made to go last of us kids but it was so simple she had me put my hand up to walk thru the metal detector no.alarms empty hand up. Both hands where empty but it was such simple security procedure. Then my friends some how convincee to go up to top of Arch the rides up and down where terrifying but at top of Arch it wasn’t that scary. Why can’t TSA be that simple. Obviously if have metal not in arm the wand is best sulution if it detects more metal then mentioned they can touch area to see what’s concealed. But if it’s in your arm arm up walk thru no big deal if you don’t set it off.

Quit telling me how to peso a banana

So everywhere everyone says peal it from the bottom on the internet. To me that sounds so stupid. Also I have tried to peal it from the bottom it doesn’t work like people say it should. Also if you are wondering monkeys eat the peal to. What about apes ones with closest to us tentacool. I’ve never seen a gorilla with a banana they prefer other fruit. Chimps smush it inside it’s peal and squeeze it out kind of like an edible tooth paste. Orangutans peal it from top of break it in the middle. So idk where ppl got this idea. Whatever if you want to peal from the bottom but don’t tell me I’m doing it wrong by pealing from top or breaking it from center over my knee.