homemade tripod

CAM11054This homemade angled tripod is sittting on my wedge mat that is in block postion turned on it’s edge. So you are wondering how I made the angled tripod. This is for my phone just to specify. I used a nut can,3 plastc screws and plenty of duct tape. As you can see the screw edged are up. I carefully poked 3 holes in the lid. The screws came from a toy package that the toy will be a Christmas gift. I used wedge of duct tape to angle the green screw and secured the screms inside with some duct tape on inside. Put the lid on   and covered can in duct tape save the top for fact my phone case slides on duct tape.  Pretty much that is it. So you are asking why did I make a homemade angled tripod for my phone. No I am not a mind reader. I have a toy I will be reviewing soon for my YouTube channel same name you see here on YouTube. I needed a way for my smart phone camera to film my hands as they will be needed for the review. I don’t always go into such details with such reviews but this review I feel needs such information.


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