penguintent for doll bed

As it says penguin tent as doll bed. I do later have to get something to functiin as matress but it worksCAM11336


milestone birthdays

I turn 30 November 23 so many ppl don’t want to turn 30 I don’t see the fuss but actually this isn’t what I am talking about here. So called professionals have no clue about being a child and that leads to parents confusion. ┬áMilestone birthdays are important and I applaud the parents whom relize theso called experts or professionals aren’t so smart. But this is for rest of parents or adult relatives who jjust want to know.

One year old is of course important birthday but don’t fool yourself. This is a celebration is for adults you didn’t kill the child in first year horray. Two isn’t as exciting but it is good child is 2. One and two really are for adults your little one won’ t remember any of it despite good luck charlie said. 2 is good preparation for later birthdays.

Three is a milestone birthday your child will remember it even if is spotty memory. Three is for your child. But don’t overwhelm your child they are 3. Now no longer toddler they are a little kid or preschooler. I for general use prefer little kid aka younger child kid seems to be in word atm.

Five is next milestone birthday they are whole hand old and unless have akward birthday they start kindergarten ask any 5 year old why it is exicting for them.

Seven is the next milestone. I know some of you are thinking really and others why. Ask grandparents why they give money on 7th birthday but not so much on the 6th. You have seen it happen 6th birthday typically a toy from grandparents and 7th typically money. I don’t get why grandparents seem to know this but only 25% of parents get it. 7 marks no longer being a little kid you are a big kid now.

Ten is the next milestone hello tween aka preteen welcome to worldof emotion. honestly go watch mommy says on YouTube talking to your tween.

Past ten milestone birthdays are cultural. I bet you want to know what this stems from. While YouTube I was thinking about how many famlies Iwatch that have kids with mmilestone birthdays in 2016. This yr two girls are now big girls one family got it right evantuberaw. One got it wrong bratayley I do think both are lovely famlies. The bratayley family justgot it wwrong and I question parents sainty for agreeing to it given fact birthday girl hadn’t been yr sence her eye surgery to travel over seas. She never got a party with friends. And I saw her ao called birthdaysstuff that’s not a birthday for 7 year old. I have more issues with thay video camerea to much on everyone but her whom was to grabby she was supposed to get to oick her cupcake first very clear in video her older sister got to pick it first.Hayley on her Australianbirthday should have gotten to feed giraffe first anyone whom knows hHayley knows her top animals are cats,elephants and giraffes. Her bbirthday really was shitty for a birthday especially a 7th birthday but she is such happy child she didn’t fuss much on day of it. I think upon parents seeing her friend Jill from evantuberaw wich where bbirthday stuff is relized maybe we wjere dumb to to fact she got pretty much a home gymnastics gym the other dau mats are coming. Jill’s parents asked what she wanted for her 7th and can see she was the focus on her day. plenty of friends and fun.