I’m terrified of flying but I will fly this November. I’m not looking forward to the TSA. But this randomly made me think of post 9/11 when I visited arch. To get into building we had to go thru metal detector. I informed the female missions trip advisor I guess that’s what we called them and she told me what to say to the security personal I was made to go last of us kids but it was so simple she had me put my hand up to walk thru the metal detector no.alarms empty hand up. Both hands where empty but it was such simple security procedure. Then my friends some how convincee to go up to top of Arch the rides up and down where terrifying but at top of Arch it wasn’t that scary. Why can’t TSA be that simple. Obviously if have metal not in arm the wand is best sulution if it detects more metal then mentioned they can touch area to see what’s concealed. But if it’s in your arm arm up walk thru no big deal if you don’t set it off.


Quit telling me how to peso a banana

So everywhere everyone says peal it from the bottom on the internet. To me that sounds so stupid. Also I have tried to peal it from the bottom it doesn’t work like people say it should. Also if you are wondering monkeys eat the peal to. What about apes ones with closest to us tentacool. I’ve never seen a gorilla with a banana they prefer other fruit. Chimps smush it inside it’s peal and squeeze it out kind of like an edible tooth paste. Orangutans peal it from top of break it in the middle. So idk where ppl got this idea. Whatever if you want to peal from the bottom but don’t tell me I’m doing it wrong by pealing from top or breaking it from center over my knee.

Retro jelly shoes

I am talking late 80’s early 90’s . First let me apologize for missing a week. Now back to jelly shoes. Not sandles we had the slip on shoes as kids. While they where not comfortable even with socks we where walking with feet in cased in plastic hard plastic ain’t no jelly in those jelly shoes. I didn’t even want them but ppl kept buying me pairs and commercial directors as well as commercial castors loved when kids wore jelly shoes so mom often put them on me. My Irish dance teachers could always tell if I had been to audition or shoot because I walked a certain way after spent time in them compared to how walked after sneakers or rarity after we practiced in are Irish dance shoes. We practiced in socks a lot yes other dance teachers would cringe. The jelly shoes where painful and if mom forgot the socks I’d be left with shoe marks and exposed skin in warmer weather would be burnt.