Family curiosity

Im just wondering if any existing family on Dad’s side is as curious about me as I am about them. I’m guessing bassed off looking up Grandma Dorthy last name Crowther do to mirrage of Grandpa Harry. Dorthy’s maiden name is Ward and she was half Native American yes I sat on great grandma’s lap a couple times on reservation. I’m guessing based off what grandma said and own research the Native American was part was spin off Cherokee tribe. If anoyone thinks they know my family or remembers crazy toddler visting reservation who ran I circles when left to own devices message me on Instagram animegal10. Send emoji of running and flower. I know long shot but I just want to know. If think you remember me from Crowther side of family message me a lion emoji.


Honestly like other shows you know should let characters age. Yeah it’s old.Bjt part of reason evil sponge took over. All grown up kind of sucked. Preschool daze was nightmare and used wrong characters. Honestly I have a lot of thoughts to unpack here.

They should have by 10 years at latest allowed Chuckie to turn 3 and everyone age up accordingly from there. Everyone forgets Angelica had her 4th birthday. Suzie is 3 to 3 1/2. Would they start kindergarten at same time or no I guess really depends on exact birthdays. Let’s assume Angelica starts K and Suzy does second year of preschool. Chuckie is 2 1/2 so he’ll turn 3 before Suzy turns 4. So do they end up in same grade or not. We aren’t done yet Kimi turns 2 before Chuckie turns 3. Will his parents red shirt him I hope not. Ok this just gives you idea of how my brain is.

Now for headcannon. They live in California. So Kimi is almost 2 so I’m going to assume she has December birthday December 28th. Kimi will turn 2. Chuckie will turn 3 February 17th and shortly thereafter start preschool. So for few months Angelica will be in same school as Chuckie. My logic says Suzy will turn 4 before Angelica turns 5. April 23 is my guess for Suzie’s birthday I’ve seen spelled Suzie and Suzy. Then in May 22 I’m guessing twins turn 2 then July 25th Angelica turns 5. She’ll start kindergarten in August as that seems to be start of school year now a days. Then in August Tommy turns 2. August 15. Then in October Dil turns 1 October 1st.

So when they grow up lets say Angelica is 8th grade as an example Suzy be in 7th. Chuckie 6th. Kimi 5th. I believe Tommy and twins be in 4th and Dil in third Now you can see why I hated grown up.

Yes it works out so each can help younger one get acclimated to preschool by pure luck by doing 2 yrs of preschool it’s fine.

If really wanted to do preschool daze should have had it when Kimi was 4 and Tommy,Lil and Phil where 3. Just getting into preschool. They could’ve even gone more insane by having elementary school thing with other 3 during recess.

Now personal shipping thing I ship Chuckie and Suzie . Both Angelica and Suzie like Chuckie I just feel like Suzie is more Chuckie’s taste. Angelica will marry red head some day you saw it with every red head in serrieses. Who idk but not Chuckie. Tommy will end up with Kimi it just is. Phil will be gay and Lil lesbian it just is. I’m thinking Dil will be aro ace caring mostly about aileens. Phil might even be drag queen dressy episode he forced Chuckie.

Sesame Street things that never where

I told you I’d eventually write about lack of 2 full human realtionships eventually for sesame Street. You are probably thinking oh she’s going to talk about Maria and her first boyfriend nope. I wasn’t even alive though I saw bits and pieces in reruns meh. Oh so she’s thinking Bob and Susan. Oddly no u just never saw them getting married. So now you are wondering who on Earth is she thinking of. Gina and Savion for one I am really surprised they never got married. And Savion just disappeared. The next couple of people are even younger Gabi and Miles I just saw them getting together I don’t know beyond that as they where still only teenagers maybe forever dating or maybe getting married eventually either works. When I stopped watching new episodes they where teenagers. Yeah so that is that.

Sesame Street shipping puppet kids

Sesame street shipping as in wanting them together. I’m doing 7 year old and younger Muppets. I will have separate post about lack of two sets of humans never getting together. I don’t feel like the older Muppets give off a certain energy that younger Muppets do where I can see her ya if they where older I can see it. If they got to age.

Prairie Dawn and Harry monster possible red conned to Herry. They are both 7 spend fair amount of time together. I can see Harry’s crush on her. He flexes for her that’s how he shows it.

Telly and Rositia are 6 and I don’t think it could be any clearer. Your important to me. You can just feel it if the kid Muppets aged they’d so be a thing.

3 1/2 year old Elmo and 4 1/2 year old Zoe. They try to impress each other it just is. It’s such a preschooler thing to do when you like them.

Baby bear and Abby Cadaby funny thing is first names are anagrams of one another this ship is very week. But there is potential.

Alice(Snuffy ‘s 2 yr old sister) and Curly bear(baby bear’s 18 month old sister) I can just picture the lesbian inter species relationship. There are just a lot of little things in there personalities to give off later in life lesbians even as toddlers.

What about Big bird and Snuffy you say. Some of you are asking are you going yo include baby Natasha. I didn’t forget.

Big bird who is 6 is asexual he just doesn’t see it that way. He may eventually be romantic with female but right now he isn’t with anyone.

Snuffy are lovable 5 year old snufflelupagus who goes to snufflegarden. He doesn’t see Bird as more then his best friend but he’s open to anyone who comes along whose interested in him.

And yes I’ve even thought of 9 month old Natasha asexual homoromantic. If she ever finds girl for her she’ll be in Romantic relationship

Incredibles 2 thoughts

Spoilers ahead.The short before the movie is creepy it was disgusting when where ate child dumpling was disgusting. The rest was weird. Now for movie and random thoughts. Caution if you have epilepsy or migraines. I could tell before they went to flashing scene so knew to cover my eyes just before happened and could tell when it would be safe to watch. I predicted vilianist before hand I’m not saying who it should be picked up pretty quickly but that doesn’t make it less intense. It’s definitely worth the watch. I don’t do 3d that’s your decision to see in 2d or 3d I can’t see 3d so be waste on me. You’ve seen the trailers you know Jack Jack has like 20 powers. What isn’t mentioned but you will see near the end add third power to Violet’s list of powers her kick was physically strong she’s in junior high and was able to kick woman about a foot taller then her a good three feet away. Of the children in this movie while they try to frame it like Jack Jack is amnamoly and his whrpowers are facinatating really Dash is the anamonly of this family for the kids with one power of speed his kicks was just his surper speed used in different position you can see difference in his vs Violet’s. Violet has 3 powers that we know. Jack Jack has like 20 where Dash just has the one. I don’t think Violet’s aware of her super strength.

Kids choice awards screwed up

This is my opinion. The kids choice awards screwed up. I think the kcas invited far to many famous teenagers and not enough famous kids. This isn’t teen choice awards which these teens will also attend. It’s kids choice awards. I think they should have invited more kids. Famous kids they could’ve invited but didn’t as a mistake Hayley Leblanc, Txuanomy, Piper Rockelle,and Julian Clark. That’s just a small example. I hope next year is better and they actually invite kids to the kids choice awards.

Glee Brittany raped Artie

It’s really just fact Glee season 2 Brittany never asked Artie if was ok to have sex and he felt hurt afterwards. She literally picked him up out of wheelchair character Artie is younger then character Brittany no consent for sex happened she never asked. The pre sex picture will be attached. It doesn’t matter if felt good in moment.tmp_15303-Glee-duets-brittany-artie428511475.jpg female on male rape he so doesn’t look ok with it in picture.

Avengers assemble hulked out hereos review

Darn it I typed out this entire review and stuff I typed failed to go thru. I know this is older show and one of earlier episodes. I hate the stuff with frurry idk how to spell his name it’s annoying I skipped most of it because he annoyed me. Hawkeye was tolerable here you know how he can be sometimes just a little Uhm annoyance in everything he is in. I loved the writing with Hulk and Widow. The fighting was good. The boys getting to understand Hulk partially was good. My favorite line was I’m angry not dumb. Hulk is always in control meaning that even as Hulk banner is very much in there. If your fan of Earth’s mightest hereos you won’t like this series. I don’t think that is very good it’s kind of like 80’d turtles that provides weird attachment to something that’s just ok.but for everyone else avengers assemble is good esp hulked out hereos. I give them 4 out of 5 it’s just the frurry stuff that looses a point. There is so much good though at begining dumb joke twice. They kind of acknowledge the joke not being smartest. I really liked this.

Great white shark have a lot to fear in the ocean not including humans

Great white sharks have nothing to fear. So not true. Bigger great white sharks will eat smaller ones. Easy pickings for tiger shark or bull sharks. Gaint squid will eat them. Bottle nose dolphins punch them for protection. Orcas who are a gaint dolphin love great whites and sperm whale. Great white sharks aren’t really that fearsome thanks for all the lies shark movies.they have a lot to fear beyond us. They aren’t really top predator.