conjoined twin mushrooms


You may ask why I waited a little over week to talk about these mushrooms I found a little over a week ago 1 week as Friday while I am womb twin survivor so I need a little time to process these mushrooms I found. I have included a link to the picture having trouble with pictures here.My thoughts on mushrooms that stems hd been removed by me after got them home from the store. To me it is very funny as I am womb twin survivor leave it to me to unbeknownst by packaging to find them in Kroger in Indiana when packaging revealed nothing


Beauty and the Beast

Let me state clearly whatever they do with live action 2017 movie it will suck balls. I am glad it was pished back but am sick of ppl talking about that. Why is no one else on the internet eexcitedlike I am tjat this year marks the 25th aanniversary of the animatedBeauty and the Beast. I don’t know exact day it appeared in ttheaters for first time. But I love animated beautyand the beast it just thrills me that this year is 25th aanniversaryof in my opinion the best Disney movie.