Bad day turned good

This blog is going to be short. I succeed before 6 am in bruising my good arm it smarts. I don’t think I broke it.  Then I get letter from SSI I qualify for a good sum of cash being disabled child of deseased person with disability aka my dad.


Octonauts review. Coconut crisis and sunfish

While this week was weak. Seriously. So coconut crisis Kwazii takes mini vacation coconut crab island .a coconut octopus steals coconuts it goes as expected.sunfish it was underwhelming Shellignton got out for change but I think captian was not being his brightest when they where dealing with heavy sunfish and bringing Dashi the second strongest.It was itchy sunfish causing accidents nothin exicting happened. I was expecting wow after last 2 weeks. I give cocnut crab a 77% and sunfish a 70% so.C and C-. The two weeks prior just had better episodes.

Octonauts review

Spoilers ahead. So two 15 min episodes. Ep 1 the fox was back. They kind of acknowldged there error from long episode so that was weird. They rescued an empoir peguin mom. They get direction and while Dashi driving gup S an ice casem happens. Cap catches himself jumping out of it gup S was left ij casem. Peso almost falls into casem when they use stretcher as bridge. They get to gup I. Cap stood real close to Dashi a lot thru out this at times he didn’t need to. Obviously for safety of everyone Dashi crossed first and Cap last in case of catch needing to happen. But the ending with Kwazii and Tweak was the best.  Tiger shark it kind of ended more flately. It started out intresting with girls making a sandy cam find tiger shark shark at camera. Tweak drove gup b and crashed it trying to avoid tiger shark.peso cleans tiger sharks tummy out tweak feeds him carrots. Both where very enjoyable episodes. Just more to the first one