shopping around the world

Milk. Post what size/product and price you buy. I buy almond milk do to being sensitive to casien.

Tomatoes. your area/what kind do you buy? I don’t buy tomatoes often but typically get cherry or grape tomatoes

Canned Product.  This could be anything that you use.  What is it and the price.

Homemade Dish.  Okay this is a twist my friends.  A lot of us prepare homemade meals. Tell us what it costs.  What do you prepare?  Irish stew.A lamb stew prepared specifically for St.Patrick’s day as is more traditional then corn beef and cabbage.Lamb. is pricey which why it’s a once a yr thing.I ended up making beef stew do to lamb because over $10 for one chop so not as traditional as wanted. But I will still share beef stew I make with you it is just more Americanized version of the stew.It cost $20 for week of stew for 1 person.

Now for the rest will let pictures talk for me.

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I hope I did this right and sorry I lost picture of stew and it has all been eaten


My hair

I am being a little brave and trying new hairstyle when go run some earns today I am hoping no one touches my hair I hate it Abel now ppl like o when think they can get away with it but my hair please don’t touch. Their are reasons I don’t like it.