I can’texcpect yoj to go yr by yr or seperate tweens hhowever when you have preschoolsection I kind of except their age group to be seperated.  I love you,I hate you and you confuse me Amazoncom. This wouldn’t fustrate me so much except for gets it. And books get it but toy section on aAmazonfails to get it. How hard is it to break up toy section properlyn i ddon’t expect you to be separate babies and toddlers thoughthat wouldn’t hurt. However why is it 2-4 yrs old in toys I kniw you know diffrence caise as said and book section habe things seperated plus you even have section of preschool toys. Seriouslyhow hard is it to make asuchminor change. Toys bababy tkll 2yrs, 3-5 yrs. And then 6- wwhatever i take no gripe with rest of it. But I know how preschoolers(it is developmental stage) and putting 2 yr olds with them is bad.


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