pissed at papa johns

I would quit ordering from them but they are only ppl that I can guarantee are safe for me. I am very patient I don’t call till they are an hour late. Here is why I am pissed I called wondering why I didn’t have pizza yet it is one I placed order first thing this morning for noon I shouldn’tbe getting it after 1. The thing that rreally pissed me off is lady on phone they left ten minutes ago with it. An order that was supposed to be delivered over an hr ago. I don’t give a beep about discounts. It isn’t ok to be so late. What if I was throwing party I am not buf my guest woukd have left becaise they whrre hungry and we still didn’t have our food. Callme back in ten mintues if you still don’t have it.  I want to know why I didn’t have it over an hour ago when the order was placed for. It isn’tworth effort to call her back.   It is over an hr late and stupid guy thought I would accept his sorry and say thank you uh uh. AAfter I fijished my ridiculously late lunch. I am reporting the store it is way to late way to often.


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