Just have stuff to share

Ok so I made myself a santa/elf type hat yes I will include picture and showed it off to some ppl last night. One person thought I bought it and I hand sewed every last stick I felt so proud. I was so weird but so awesome.

Now I want to promote someone I found him on Etsy. He makes bunch of video game related stuff like cool decals for your phone or 3ds. I talked to him and asked him about doing something unusual and he could I provided him with reference picturehttps://www.etsy.com/people/mitchstanton?
Do check out Mitch’s awesome Etsy page. I will be ordering it December 1st as that is when I get payer and it is really cool. You know how in battle frontier pokémon fans May had a yellow pokedex yup he made me decal of that for 3ds so now I get to feel like I have May’s pokedex. I hate pink(Dawn has pink one) and not fan of red(Ash’s pokedexes) so far Colo choices have been very feminine pink,yellow,red and black if you count weird thing James has in x and y. Yellow is definitely my favourite out of these choices. 2014-11-28 13.10.02


Girl scouts

I really dislike the organization that runs the girl scouts here in the USA. I ran across something while watching YouTube videos this morning to find that little girl with autism had been kicked out of girl scouts. Still not fully sure how got their but that video reminded me of bogus reason I wasn’t allowed in. 8 yr old me w was denied into girl scouts on grounds my crooked fingers would scare other children. I was in regular classes at public school sure gradebehind my peers but that’s what happens with Nov bday and first kindergarten being an agile. I got kicked out cause at 6 I had strong moral beliefs and didn’t want to read the with book.

But it still was totally bogus reason to nit be allowed in just like poor little girl with autism who was kicked out.

Girl scouts discriminates aagainst the disabled.

We need a less discriminatory thug like the girl scouts for all girls to be part kf any suggestions?

Pokemon thanksgiving

I know they don’t have thanksgiving in pokémon universe but what if they did. I know weird though. I figure in Kanto and Johto and most likely Hoenn they eat farfetch’d for thanksgiving who has dumbest way to spell his name as the’ d is so weird.in Kanto and Johto simply figure it is illegal to eat hoothoot and midtown for Johto and illegal in Kanto to eat psyduck. And while birds like pidgey and tailow are common they probably aren’t edible birds. And I am pretty sure you shouldn’t eat a legendary bird. Many flying types aren’t birds. And natural wouldn’t feed enough people and you wouldn’t be able to eat xatu as they are part psyduck type and never would let that happen. What bird do you suppose they would eat in winning if they had thanksgiving.

In Sinnoh would they eat starly? Is ludicrous winning our unova Pokemon. So if they had thanksgiving what do you suppose people in Sinnoh,unova and Malls would eat for thanksgiving? Also do you think farfetch’d is only eaten bird in Kanto,Johto and Hoenn?

What sides do you think they would have if they had thanksgiving feast in pokémon universe?

Pokemon omega ruby and alpha sapphire

I still am exicted to get alpha sapphire but I have to wait till December to get it. The reason I have to waiting instead of being able to get alpha sapphire of pokémon omega ruby and alpha sapphire is price went up about $5. So changed what I am able to do spending wise. I had plan and price change decks it so frustrating. From November 21st till Dec when ever my copy arrives after I order it have to avoid all spoilers for the game wwhich is not easy task in 2014.


I challenge everyone whom reads this to go one week with out olives or olive oil it isn’t as easy as you think. Beware of soaps and watch for natural flavors as olives can be in small amounts put under natural flavoring it may mean calling companies to double check. The reason I place this challenge on you is for I am truly alle allergic to olives and that includes olive oil as it is just pressed olives. I am having issue use to having by now but it doesn’t ever not make feel looks want to pull hair out when it happens. Ot just right now seems like olives are everywhere again and sort of feels like about to Geri not sandwich rut again. I want to see how ot went for those who choose to go olive free for one week. It will give you taste ofhard it is.


I just know when certain things are wrong. I hate when someone tries to fool me. I knew to trust my hunch, I have big sister powers you can not fool me ugh. I just can’t stand creeps who try to fool me ugh. Now I worry because if some creep found my phone # which I could careless but it scares me for fear off y mother finding me ugh that woman is beyond evil and ugh and I don’t ugh want her near me ever ugh