Pokeshipping and Geekchicshipping

Well Friday is pokeshipping day. This morning was in bit of Geekchicshipping mood looked oninterest it brought me to tumblr.

I want to show you this by princessofdestiny18 I live halfway between fantasy & reality.
I write a bit.
My Pokémon FanFiction account: https://www.fanfiction.net/~princessofdestiny18
Headcanon: When Serena finds out that Ash and Misty are a couple/like each other, Misty goes to talk to her in private to make sure she’s okay, and is actually very understanding of how frustrating it can be to like Ash, given how oblivious he is to romance. Serena feels a lot better, and wishes Misty luck with Ash, but also wishes someone would look at her the way Ash looks at Misty. Misty winks at her and heavily implies that a certain blonde-haired, glasses-wearing Gym Leader that she traveled with certainly looks at her in that way (and practically drools over her as he does it). Serena flushes and denies it, but once Misty’s gone she begins to ponder the possibility that there is more than friendship between herself and Clemont, but she doesn’t act on it for a while because she wants to make sure it’s not just a rebound and that she’s fully over Ash first.
Meanwhile, everyone else is somewhat concerned that Misty is repeatedly hitting Serena with her mallet and wonders whether someone should keep an eye on them.

I like her idea I came up with something similar usiBonnie as bouncing point for a one shot fanfiction on deviants. K may not be of tumblr but I am fan of this theory and had to share this awesome headcannon of the princess’s on tumblr it is awesome. As our parallel that are starting to show up between pokeshipping and Geekchicshipping hmm let’s see contestshippinghad some parells with pokeshipping to I don’t think it is merely coincidental. So when will Serena save Clemont from water forgive me for that. Other two likely ships that had some screen time being irakishipping and handymanshipping do to less screen time for obvious reasons went with other hints. However very common thing is for the female to rescue male from water and both save each other from other things just for some reason is always girl of couple to save the guy from water.


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