Randomness and taco chicken

I have a lot of stuff to say. I will be placing a bit of a personal add in form of link if you can buy it please do. Sorry no color options. 

Pokémon omega ruby and alpha sapphire come out on 21st. I am so exicted. My birthday isn November 23 with amazon shipping etc on preorder I can’t say exactly when I will get alpha sapphire it varries depending on preordered game.

I wish I could have gotten pokémon art academy to but I had to make decisions and I made them so art academy has to wait.

Taco chicken 

Take chicken whatever you have or like. Put your favoirte Taco seasoning on it. Bake it it a baking dish at 350 for 45 mins time may need to be adjusted by oven.  take it out let it cool enough to handle shred it for extra flavor you can add cheese and/or sour cream. Then you can enjoy either straight up or on a tortilla soft or crunchy which ever you like.


Pokeshipping day is friday it is day we fans of pokeshipping celebrate Ash and Misty’s relationship if it is not yet cannon. It is a shipp which means liking a relationship between characters normally in romantic relationship but it can be friendship ship or platonically flirty ship. Pokeshipping is romantic ship for me as they seem very much like preteens on love I love you I hate you using anger to disguise true feelngs but in certian moments being kind and encouraging one another.  An expmple of friendship ship I ship is imageshipping as Misty and May quickly became friends May even helped Misty in a special. It wasn’t typicsl circumstances but less damgerous then in movies the show got.  Aplotinic flirty ship is Delia(Ash’s mom) x Brock(friend to Ash,Misty and May whom is a bit older then them) their is also sibling relationships which opens a whole diffrent ca of worms as well as surorgate sibling relationships I will exlain those another time. 

Miss Amanda out time to dsome other thing’s me


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