Just have stuff to share

Ok so I made myself a santa/elf type hat yes I will include picture and showed it off to some ppl last night. One person thought I bought it and I hand sewed every last stick I felt so proud. I was so weird but so awesome.

Now I want to promote someone I found him on Etsy. He makes bunch of video game related stuff like cool decals for your phone or 3ds. I talked to him and asked him about doing something unusual and he could I provided him with reference picturehttps://www.etsy.com/people/mitchstanton?
Do check out Mitch’s awesome Etsy page. I will be ordering it December 1st as that is when I get payer and it is really cool. You know how in battle frontier pokémon fans May had a yellow pokedex yup he made me decal of that for 3ds so now I get to feel like I have May’s pokedex. I hate pink(Dawn has pink one) and not fan of red(Ash’s pokedexes) so far Colo choices have been very feminine pink,yellow,red and black if you count weird thing James has in x and y. Yellow is definitely my favourite out of these choices. 2014-11-28 13.10.02


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