Girl scouts

I really dislike the organization that runs the girl scouts here in the USA. I ran across something while watching YouTube videos this morning to find that little girl with autism had been kicked out of girl scouts. Still not fully sure how got their but that video reminded me of bogus reason I wasn’t allowed in. 8 yr old me w was denied into girl scouts on grounds my crooked fingers would scare other children. I was in regular classes at public school sure gradebehind my peers but that’s what happens with Nov bday and first kindergarten being an agile. I got kicked out cause at 6 I had strong moral beliefs and didn’t want to read the with book.

But it still was totally bogus reason to nit be allowed in just like poor little girl with autism who was kicked out.

Girl scouts discriminates aagainst the disabled.

We need a less discriminatory thug like the girl scouts for all girls to be part kf any suggestions?


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