Pokemon thanksgiving

I know they don’t have thanksgiving in pokémon universe but what if they did. I know weird though. I figure in Kanto and Johto and most likely Hoenn they eat farfetch’d for thanksgiving who has dumbest way to spell his name as the’ d is so weird.in Kanto and Johto simply figure it is illegal to eat hoothoot and midtown for Johto and illegal in Kanto to eat psyduck. And while birds like pidgey and tailow are common they probably aren’t edible birds. And I am pretty sure you shouldn’t eat a legendary bird. Many flying types aren’t birds. And natural wouldn’t feed enough people and you wouldn’t be able to eat xatu as they are part psyduck type and never would let that happen. What bird do you suppose they would eat in winning if they had thanksgiving.

In Sinnoh would they eat starly? Is ludicrous winning our unova Pokemon. So if they had thanksgiving what do you suppose people in Sinnoh,unova and Malls would eat for thanksgiving? Also do you think farfetch’d is only eaten bird in Kanto,Johto and Hoenn?

What sides do you think they would have if they had thanksgiving feast in pokémon universe?


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