The story of all Hallows eve

This really should have been more of red flag then it was for me but it wasn’t. S at age 10 I say hi thru a dance to a friend’s aunt something looked weird I couldn’t tell what the stuff was. Now I ask anyone under sixteen or with weak stomach to leave now.

So when I was 12 I get to fully. Meet my friend’s aunt she is a real life witch much scary then any costume she didn’t look ugly just had crazy eyes ya know the look in someonees eye that just screams I am crazy. Hung on the fence post where carcasses of cats and dogs as well as their fur around and many other animals to but I recognized the cat and dog pelt where they had been gutted and shaved. S their was one live cat and one live dog in the yard and she proceeds to slaughter it in front if me and her niece who by the way is two yrs younger then me. Upon her picking them up and putting them in stove pot and drinking what looked like animal blood I bolted. Se was so insane and it is not normal. I do not want to know what happens at that. We all know bible says to stay away from witches.
That really disgust me and which is why upon when I came to full understanding that I choose not to celebrate today’s so calledholiday. When she slice them she sliced the cat cat and dog up their stomachs.idk if she is really a wwitch but I do know she was crazy and that kind of behavior is unacceptable. Andc I don’t think mere coincidence that experience and pets going missing this day. I think many other ppl like her no matter what you call them exist.

I am glad I now know and have fullcomprehension of what I saw and know truth and know this day is just another day not a holiday and the celebrations associated with so caholiday should be avoid.

Please remind yourself what would Jesus do? Yes it is cliches but we really should think about it before we do stuff. II have no problem with innocent costumes any other time of yr nut during the month of October costumes should be avoided in my humble opinion. I am not saying you have to change your ways but think before make your final decision.

If II know candy is tempting but I know I would be parent if I had child I would say to them no we don’t beg for candy from strangers it is kind of not most neighborly thing to do and and on November first I will buy you candy. Which would be completely safe.


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