Guessing game

I will let you know proper answer tomorrow.
What did I do yesterday.

A. Went skydiving and ate a balloon.
B. I tried fairy bread and order Shopkins
C. I went to chuckle cheese and went to Disney store.
So what do you think


My funny story for Bacon’s show and tell

This is defiantly and all tell story as I do not have picture of said incident. Tis I definitely funny but also a little embarrassing a little sad and a little disgusting.

Ok so I was in 4th or 5th grade I couldn’t tell you for sure as I am getting to be that old. Back on topic me and class met had gotten big roles in the school’s Christmas production and the 6tug graders for whatever reason where my in school play that yr so was very big deal for us to get the lead role. During dress rehearsal I puked all over myself. It wasn’t to horrible a mess and onw I know was precursor to migraines that I w o would have to deal with do to fluorescent lighting. It wouldn’t have been such a big deal except said class mate was my current crush and it happened during are duet of up on the house top.I was so embarrassed at that moment and didn’t have e the why now looking back it is kind of funny. Yup I was performing a duet with my crush and made royal, emess now llooking back it is kind of funny. The only other kind of funny thing that I recall happening was my 2 yr old sis during potty training shouted I have to pee in fabric store.

FedEx is infuriating

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile holiday chaos is over. Now on to topic f u to FedEx fu to them. Oh we can’t find where you live yet fFedEx driver speeds right on by it is technically fedexground nut idc about minnor difference still f them. YThey know where I live even got not in mail box they just refused to deliver my over $100 package oh come pick it up at our facilities. I don’t drive morons. The place where it is at the tacitly is out of town and that’s jus to much to ask of a friend. I wouldn’t ne so livid if this item wasn’t so expensive I will nevehave said item unless theyactually listened to me which I doubt. I am also probably out the over $100 simply because I do not drive. I am angry very angry and sad. It is a lot of money for me.. I habe attached a photo of FedEx card I tore up. I just needed to vent.CAM08146

Attention toy people and parents

I am going to inform you of age groups of children. Be warned pretoddler is term I made up because difference between a 4-6 month old and 8-12 month old at big. 7 months is transposition area but I pit them on lower end. Parents and toy makers stopping saying 3-4 yr olds fall into toddler category as they don’t.

Under 4 months old newborn.
4-7 months are infants at this stage it is all about bright colors.

8-12 months pretenders music and movement if it moves or makes noise they want it. They also enjoy moving by whatever means they have to move.

12-35 months are toddlers. You can break this in half young toddlers 12-23 months and older toddlers 24-35 months however at this stage the only toys they need are a box and space to run. Seriously a box makes this age happiest. Also blocks are good and this is time when few of and wooden blocks are ok before 12-13 months all blocks should be fabric blocks.

3-5 yr olds it is all about favorite characters and testing limits aka getting into official trouble if you say it’s dangerous they have to see forshaddowing themselves. Good gifts for them are 3 wheeled scooters and rollerskates so find one with their favorite color or characters and they will go nobly.

Kindergatners 5-6 like everything but espialy find bodily fictions funny. Aka poop,pee darts,barf etc hilarious. They also still enjoy favorite characters from v or books.

7-9 big kids it is all about the crafts

10-12 is preteens/tweens which ever term you prefer at this stage is all about their favorite sport.

13+ is teenagers and they already will tell you exactly what they want so less mystery their.

I repeat preschoolers are not toddlers and I wish companies and parents would comprehend how different their 3 and 4 yr olds are from 2 yr olds. I partially blame clothing companies for confusing toy companies who frankly haven’t done proper research for age groups. As the clothing companies mark preschooler sized clothes with a t. However that doesn’t exuse the toy makers either. They really should know age groups and properly market their toys.

Also Amazon stop contributing to confusion fix it you even have preschool pacific toys that are marked 3+ and toddler toys. So fix it toddler toys 1-2yr olds preschool toys 3-4 yrs old often 5 yr olds still like these but they already have 5-7 so that is acceptable just know 5-6 yr olds may need help of said thing requires reading. Amazon bugs me the most because they clearly know but fail to address it properly.

Mattel bring back Kelly nothing is wrong with Chelsea she is great for 6-7 yr olds by if you also bring back Kelly 3-4 yr olds will have doll about their age to play with and that is just much more fun then playing older girl they don’t really understand.

Yes I added a note for specifically Mattel and Amazon as frankly they need to fix their mistakes they both know they have made. I had whole different rant for fisher price and playskool to come.

Just have stuff to share

Ok so I made myself a santa/elf type hat yes I will include picture and showed it off to some ppl last night. One person thought I bought it and I hand sewed every last stick I felt so proud. I was so weird but so awesome.

Now I want to promote someone I found him on Etsy. He makes bunch of video game related stuff like cool decals for your phone or 3ds. I talked to him and asked him about doing something unusual and he could I provided him with reference picture
Do check out Mitch’s awesome Etsy page. I will be ordering it December 1st as that is when I get payer and it is really cool. You know how in battle frontier pok√©mon fans May had a yellow pokedex yup he made me decal of that for 3ds so now I get to feel like I have May’s pokedex. I hate pink(Dawn has pink one) and not fan of red(Ash’s pokedexes) so far Colo choices have been very feminine pink,yellow,red and black if you count weird thing James has in x and y. Yellow is definitely my favourite out of these choices. 2014-11-28 13.10.02