Quit telling me how to peso a banana

So everywhere everyone says peal it from the bottom on the internet. To me that sounds so stupid. Also I have tried to peal it from the bottom it doesn’t work like people say it should. Also if you are wondering monkeys eat the peal to. What about apes ones with closest to us tentacool. I’ve never seen a gorilla with a banana they prefer other fruit. Chimps smush it inside it’s peal and squeeze it out kind of like an edible tooth paste. Orangutans peal it from top of break it in the middle. So idk where ppl got this idea. Whatever if you want to peal from the bottom but don’t tell me I’m doing it wrong by pealing from top or breaking it from center over my knee.


Retro jelly shoes

I am talking late 80’s early 90’s . First let me apologize for missing a week. Now back to jelly shoes. Not sandles we had the slip on shoes as kids. While they where not comfortable even with socks we where walking with feet in cased in plastic hard plastic ain’t no jelly in those jelly shoes. I didn’t even want them but ppl kept buying me pairs and commercial directors as well as commercial castors loved when kids wore jelly shoes so mom often put them on me. My Irish dance teachers could always tell if I had been to audition or shoot because I walked a certain way after spent time in them compared to how walked after sneakers or rarity after we practiced in are Irish dance shoes. We practiced in socks a lot yes other dance teachers would cringe. The jelly shoes where painful and if mom forgot the socks I’d be left with shoe marks and exposed skin in warmer weather would be burnt.

Octonauts review. Coconut crisis and sunfish

While this week was weak. Seriously. So coconut crisis Kwazii takes mini vacation coconut crab island .a coconut octopus steals coconuts it goes as expected.sunfish it was underwhelming Shellignton got out for change but I think captian was not being his brightest when they where dealing with heavy sunfish and bringing Dashi the second strongest.It was itchy sunfish causing accidents nothin exicting happened. I was expecting wow after last 2 weeks. I give cocnut crab a 77% and sunfish a 70% so.C and C-. The two weeks prior just had better episodes.

Octonauts review

Spoilers ahead. So two 15 min episodes. Ep 1 the fox was back. They kind of acknowldged there error from long episode so that was weird. They rescued an empoir peguin mom. They get direction and while Dashi driving gup S an ice casem happens. Cap catches himself jumping out of it gup S was left ij casem. Peso almost falls into casem when they use stretcher as bridge. They get to gup I. Cap stood real close to Dashi a lot thru out this at times he didn’t need to. Obviously for safety of everyone Dashi crossed first and Cap last in case of catch needing to happen. But the ending with Kwazii and Tweak was the best.  Tiger shark it kind of ended more flately. It started out intresting with girls making a sandy cam find tiger shark shark at camera. Tweak drove gup b and crashed it trying to avoid tiger shark.peso cleans tiger sharks tummy out tweak feeds him carrots. Both where very enjoyable episodes. Just more to the first one

Octonauts deep freeze review spoiler alert

So we meet two new characters in this episode. They serve the plot. We also run into Peso’s cousins. The little one causes an issue. But I am getting ahead of myself. So we meet a new polar bear he knows Barnacles his name is not going to be revealed.When Captain Barnacles introduces him to Dashi thru computer he says a much needed information for the kids. Cap makes it known she is the computer person. The 2nd bear gets alert from station in antartic. Travel time. Run into Peso’s cousins. More travel. They find profodor who is an artic fox I couldn’t spell his name if I wanted to.They should’ve given him an easier name. They pull research station to safety. Here comes a little bit of a problem. Fine artic fox picked up sound of ice quake first but its been established Tweak has extremly good hearing. And that Dashi and Barnacles have hearing better the most of crew save for Tweak. Those 3 should’ve said they hear a faint sound but not entirely sure what it is.It just was contexual wrong if you know octonuats. Then they saved Peso’s littls cousin after ice bridge for peguins to cross the little guy dilly dallyed being impressed. He needed bandage after the fall. The girls did there job and tricked out the station over 8 weeks. I so knew that was going to happen it is now the gup I. It ends with fox being contected to the secondary polar bear via computer. Kwazii getting 2nd cup of saying he is ready for seconds on hot choclate before anyone else had and laughing.


I give this episode a B it is good just the hearing thing was weird and there was bizzare animation error during penguin rescue that keeps it being the best episode.