Miss Amanda-Beth’s world I hate October 31st

I have had couple incidents that have made it very clear to me whsome would call halloween is the devil’s day. A real ghost when I was ten and at twelve a real world witch she is scary then any of horror movie dribble I will save that exact story for later in the month. I choose do to own convictions not to partake in devils day.Nothingh wrong with appropriate cosplay the other 11 months of the year.

My reasearch as adult has proven just how demonic it is we really shant be party to it.  I pray the Lord God our father above forgivith the Christians who know no better and he will however well our God is a forgiver he ia or father so he will punnish us for transgressions. Transgressions means misbehavior or being naughty for the young children who some how end up reading my blog.

Also I think encouraging young children to beg for candy from strangers counter dicts stranger danger which is a real danger especially in 2014.

I hate the day of the devil.

Miss Amanda’s world pokémon heart gold

I was in Kanto after defeating Johto on the emulator. I had gotten to the cerulean cape but had weird encounter the text she sound more like her eldest sisster Daisy from anime. My brain can’t handle that. The second line of text was Mistyish but first line bles my mind and sounded more like something Daisy would say.My brain can’t handle that.

Miss Amanda-Beth’s world weird morning

I woke uo feeling sort of cranky. Now is 8:09 am andn ot cranky anymore this morning guess just rough start ro the morning. Around 9 to 10 am today is fun work out day where I am totally silly about exercising. Sometimes I turn on old barney and bsckyard gang on YouTube or watch magical musical adventure other time just totally roll around in floor like silly goose.

Miss Amanda’s first blog

Welcome to my first blog. I was born November 23 1985. I am a twinless twin I created this blog to randomly post about things happening in my life. Some of things I am into are cooking,adaptive gymnastics and pokémon. i have two unusual food allergies anaphylactic to mullberries and allergic to olives. this is my world. Sometimes I will post about what I like other post will be vents about how fustrating things our just because I live unique life. I have no clue how often I will post but I will try to post at least once a week. Do except some bible verses on October 31st and venting to me that day is not holiday and I wouldn’t touch it with flaming torch. However I can cope with so called holiday. it is defintly to my brain not day to celbrate so now you have idea of what I things I will be posting about hope you enjoy my insanity.