Pokeshipping and Geekchicshipping

Well Friday is pokeshipping day. This morning was in bit of Geekchicshipping mood looked oninterest it brought me to tumblr.

I want to show you this by princessofdestiny18 I live halfway between fantasy & reality.
I write a bit.
My Pokémon FanFiction account: https://www.fanfiction.net/~princessofdestiny18
Headcanon: When Serena finds out that Ash and Misty are a couple/like each other, Misty goes to talk to her in private to make sure she’s okay, and is actually very understanding of how frustrating it can be to like Ash, given how oblivious he is to romance. Serena feels a lot better, and wishes Misty luck with Ash, but also wishes someone would look at her the way Ash looks at Misty. Misty winks at her and heavily implies that a certain blonde-haired, glasses-wearing Gym Leader that she traveled with certainly looks at her in that way (and practically drools over her as he does it). Serena flushes and denies it, but once Misty’s gone she begins to ponder the possibility that there is more than friendship between herself and Clemont, but she doesn’t act on it for a while because she wants to make sure it’s not just a rebound and that she’s fully over Ash first.
Meanwhile, everyone else is somewhat concerned that Misty is repeatedly hitting Serena with her mallet and wonders whether someone should keep an eye on them.

I like her idea I came up with something similar usiBonnie as bouncing point for a one shot fanfiction on deviants. K may not be of tumblr but I am fan of this theory and had to share this awesome headcannon of the princess’s on tumblr it is awesome. As our parallel that are starting to show up between pokeshipping and Geekchicshipping hmm let’s see contestshippinghad some parells with pokeshipping to I don’t think it is merely coincidental. So when will Serena save Clemont from water forgive me for that. Other two likely ships that had some screen time being irakishipping and handymanshipping do to less screen time for obvious reasons went with other hints. However very common thing is for the female to rescue male from water and both save each other from other things just for some reason is always girl of couple to save the guy from water.


The story of all Hallows eve

This really should have been more of red flag then it was for me but it wasn’t. S at age 10 I say hi thru a dance to a friend’s aunt something looked weird I couldn’t tell what the stuff was. Now I ask anyone under sixteen or with weak stomach to leave now.

So when I was 12 I get to fully. Meet my friend’s aunt she is a real life witch much scary then any costume she didn’t look ugly just had crazy eyes ya know the look in someonees eye that just screams I am crazy. Hung on the fence post where carcasses of cats and dogs as well as their fur around and many other animals to but I recognized the cat and dog pelt where they had been gutted and shaved. S their was one live cat and one live dog in the yard and she proceeds to slaughter it in front if me and her niece who by the way is two yrs younger then me. Upon her picking them up and putting them in stove pot and drinking what looked like animal blood I bolted. Se was so insane and it is not normal. I do not want to know what happens at that. We all know bible says to stay away from witches.
That really disgust me and which is why upon when I came to full understanding that I choose not to celebrate today’s so calledholiday. When she slice them she sliced the cat cat and dog up their stomachs.idk if she is really a wwitch but I do know she was crazy and that kind of behavior is unacceptable. Andc I don’t think mere coincidence that experience and pets going missing this day. I think many other ppl like her no matter what you call them exist.

I am glad I now know and have fullcomprehension of what I saw and know truth and know this day is just another day not a holiday and the celebrations associated with so caholiday should be avoid.

Please remind yourself what would Jesus do? Yes it is cliches but we really should think about it before we do stuff. II have no problem with innocent costumes any other time of yr nut during the month of October costumes should be avoided in my humble opinion. I am not saying you have to change your ways but think before make your final decision.

If II know candy is tempting but I know I would be parent if I had child I would say to them no we don’t beg for candy from strangers it is kind of not most neighborly thing to do and and on November first I will buy you candy. Which would be completely safe.

Dislike of all Hallows eve

Good-Fun-Halloween-Quotes (2)I never really understood why most parents encourage children on October 31st to beg for candy usually from strangers. I admit it I foolishly at times when toeing my single dad when I was in hs I took younger siblings out twice it was before I fully understood what I was doing despite what I had witnessed as child. We did have a rule of only going to ppls house we knew and I  ttoto aapapraproaprovaproveapprove tththethe ccocosttcostume before they could wear it  I was pretty strict the two yrs we didn’t but allowing them to do it was very wrong of me. Of course during those 4yrs no one had control over my full  aas she was preteen to young teen and it shared to stop them and if you try to it makes them want to  it more. However I do feel remorse for making little ones stumble. Brother was only 5  going on six dudette of two yrs we did stand. And younger of two sisters was 7 going on 18. I was 15 yr old freshman in hs almost 16will explaiwhy I was spoils. To be freshman at another time. We also went my junior yr of hs. I wish I hadn’t taken them trick or treating. I also wish 10 yes ago I hadn’t dressed up baby brother in fireman outfit and went trick or treating with family that yr sadly dad had passed on by then.


Why once a year is it ok to beg for candy from strangers. It sounds to me like bad idea for impressionable children. I do not have exact bible verse but many bible verses warn us against being stumbling block unto little children. I am pretty sure confusing them is s stumbling block. One of many reasons I dislike this so called holiday.included in this is picture that inspired this post



Miss Amanda’s world. Anoyance of so called holiday on Friday

I do not celebrate so called holiday on Friday. It doesn’t please Jesus. As I said do to frustration with all adds and what not surrounding it I would post a lot this week. The tv isdr driving me nuts. Already and it is only Wednesday. Here is a bible vs from kjv bible about evil.

1 Thessalonians 5:15 See that none render evil for evil unto any man; but ever follow that which is good, both among yourselves, and to all men.

I will see what else I can post that is anti halloween this week. So much to be exicted for in November. But I will talk about that more later. I wonder if package I am waiting for will be here today was supposed to be here yesterday. no package yet.

With every anti hallow thing I find and make will try to come up with bible vs to go with it. May God bless you. And forgive those whom know no better. I will on Friday share a non g rated experince I had. Just saying if you are under 15 I suggest you not read Friday’s post. Also ppl witj weak stomachs might want to stay clear as I am spearing no details. 
I that is all for now.

Miss Amanda-Beth’s world I hate October 31st

I have had couple incidents that have made it very clear to me whsome would call halloween is the devil’s day. A real ghost when I was ten and at twelve a real world witch she is scary then any of horror movie dribble I will save that exact story for later in the month. I choose do to own convictions not to partake in devils day.Nothingh wrong with appropriate cosplay the other 11 months of the year.

My reasearch as adult has proven just how demonic it is we really shant be party to it.  I pray the Lord God our father above forgivith the Christians who know no better and he will however well our God is a forgiver he ia or father so he will punnish us for transgressions. Transgressions means misbehavior or being naughty for the young children who some how end up reading my blog.

Also I think encouraging young children to beg for candy from strangers counter dicts stranger danger which is a real danger especially in 2014.

I hate the day of the devil.