Pokemon thanksgiving

I know they don’t have thanksgiving in pokémon universe but what if they did. I know weird though. I figure in Kanto and Johto and most likely Hoenn they eat farfetch’d for thanksgiving who has dumbest way to spell his name as the’ d is so weird.in Kanto and Johto simply figure it is illegal to eat hoothoot and midtown for Johto and illegal in Kanto to eat psyduck. And while birds like pidgey and tailow are common they probably aren’t edible birds. And I am pretty sure you shouldn’t eat a legendary bird. Many flying types aren’t birds. And natural wouldn’t feed enough people and you wouldn’t be able to eat xatu as they are part psyduck type and never would let that happen. What bird do you suppose they would eat in winning if they had thanksgiving.

In Sinnoh would they eat starly? Is ludicrous winning our unova Pokemon. So if they had thanksgiving what do you suppose people in Sinnoh,unova and Malls would eat for thanksgiving? Also do you think farfetch’d is only eaten bird in Kanto,Johto and Hoenn?

What sides do you think they would have if they had thanksgiving feast in pokémon universe?


Pokemon omega ruby and alpha sapphire

I still am exicted to get alpha sapphire but I have to wait till December to get it. The reason I have to waiting instead of being able to get alpha sapphire of pokémon omega ruby and alpha sapphire is price went up about $5. So changed what I am able to do spending wise. I had plan and price change decks it so frustrating. From November 21st till Dec when ever my copy arrives after I order it have to avoid all spoilers for the game wwhich is not easy task in 2014.


I challenge everyone whom reads this to go one week with out olives or olive oil it isn’t as easy as you think. Beware of soaps and watch for natural flavors as olives can be in small amounts put under natural flavoring it may mean calling companies to double check. The reason I place this challenge on you is for I am truly alle allergic to olives and that includes olive oil as it is just pressed olives. I am having issue use to having by now but it doesn’t ever not make feel looks want to pull hair out when it happens. Ot just right now seems like olives are everywhere again and sort of feels like about to Geri not sandwich rut again. I want to see how ot went for those who choose to go olive free for one week. It will give you taste ofhard it is.


I just know when certain things are wrong. I hate when someone tries to fool me. I knew to trust my hunch, I have big sister powers you can not fool me ugh. I just can’t stand creeps who try to fool me ugh. Now I worry because if some creep found my phone # which I could careless but it scares me for fear off y mother finding me ugh that woman is beyond evil and ugh and I don’t ugh want her near me ever ugh

Randomness and taco chicken

I have a lot of stuff to say. I will be placing a bit of a personal add in form of link if you can buy it please do. Sorry no color options. 

Pokémon omega ruby and alpha sapphire come out on 21st. I am so exicted. My birthday isn November 23 with amazon shipping etc on preorder I can’t say exactly when I will get alpha sapphire it varries depending on preordered game.

I wish I could have gotten pokémon art academy to but I had to make decisions and I made them so art academy has to wait.

Taco chicken 

Take chicken whatever you have or like. Put your favoirte Taco seasoning on it. Bake it it a baking dish at 350 for 45 mins time may need to be adjusted by oven.  take it out let it cool enough to handle shred it for extra flavor you can add cheese and/or sour cream. Then you can enjoy either straight up or on a tortilla soft or crunchy which ever you like.


Pokeshipping day is friday it is day we fans of pokeshipping celebrate Ash and Misty’s relationship if it is not yet cannon. It is a shipp which means liking a relationship between characters normally in romantic relationship but it can be friendship ship or platonically flirty ship. Pokeshipping is romantic ship for me as they seem very much like preteens on love I love you I hate you using anger to disguise true feelngs but in certian moments being kind and encouraging one another.  An expmple of friendship ship I ship is imageshipping as Misty and May quickly became friends May even helped Misty in a special. It wasn’t typicsl circumstances but less damgerous then in movies the show got.  Aplotinic flirty ship is Delia(Ash’s mom) x Brock(friend to Ash,Misty and May whom is a bit older then them) their is also sibling relationships which opens a whole diffrent ca of worms as well as surorgate sibling relationships I will exlain those another time. 

Miss Amanda out time to dsome other thing’s me

Pokeshipping and Geekchicshipping

Well Friday is pokeshipping day. This morning was in bit of Geekchicshipping mood looked oninterest it brought me to tumblr.

I want to show you this by princessofdestiny18 I live halfway between fantasy & reality.
I write a bit.
My Pokémon FanFiction account: https://www.fanfiction.net/~princessofdestiny18
Headcanon: When Serena finds out that Ash and Misty are a couple/like each other, Misty goes to talk to her in private to make sure she’s okay, and is actually very understanding of how frustrating it can be to like Ash, given how oblivious he is to romance. Serena feels a lot better, and wishes Misty luck with Ash, but also wishes someone would look at her the way Ash looks at Misty. Misty winks at her and heavily implies that a certain blonde-haired, glasses-wearing Gym Leader that she traveled with certainly looks at her in that way (and practically drools over her as he does it). Serena flushes and denies it, but once Misty’s gone she begins to ponder the possibility that there is more than friendship between herself and Clemont, but she doesn’t act on it for a while because she wants to make sure it’s not just a rebound and that she’s fully over Ash first.
Meanwhile, everyone else is somewhat concerned that Misty is repeatedly hitting Serena with her mallet and wonders whether someone should keep an eye on them.

I like her idea I came up with something similar usiBonnie as bouncing point for a one shot fanfiction on deviants. K may not be of tumblr but I am fan of this theory and had to share this awesome headcannon of the princess’s on tumblr it is awesome. As our parallel that are starting to show up between pokeshipping and Geekchicshipping hmm let’s see contestshippinghad some parells with pokeshipping to I don’t think it is merely coincidental. So when will Serena save Clemont from water forgive me for that. Other two likely ships that had some screen time being irakishipping and handymanshipping do to less screen time for obvious reasons went with other hints. However very common thing is for the female to rescue male from water and both save each other from other things just for some reason is always girl of couple to save the guy from water.

The story of all Hallows eve

This really should have been more of red flag then it was for me but it wasn’t. S at age 10 I say hi thru a dance to a friend’s aunt something looked weird I couldn’t tell what the stuff was. Now I ask anyone under sixteen or with weak stomach to leave now.

So when I was 12 I get to fully. Meet my friend’s aunt she is a real life witch much scary then any costume she didn’t look ugly just had crazy eyes ya know the look in someonees eye that just screams I am crazy. Hung on the fence post where carcasses of cats and dogs as well as their fur around and many other animals to but I recognized the cat and dog pelt where they had been gutted and shaved. S their was one live cat and one live dog in the yard and she proceeds to slaughter it in front if me and her niece who by the way is two yrs younger then me. Upon her picking them up and putting them in stove pot and drinking what looked like animal blood I bolted. Se was so insane and it is not normal. I do not want to know what happens at that. We all know bible says to stay away from witches.
That really disgust me and which is why upon when I came to full understanding that I choose not to celebrate today’s so calledholiday. When she slice them she sliced the cat cat and dog up their stomachs.idk if she is really a wwitch but I do know she was crazy and that kind of behavior is unacceptable. Andc I don’t think mere coincidence that experience and pets going missing this day. I think many other ppl like her no matter what you call them exist.

I am glad I now know and have fullcomprehension of what I saw and know truth and know this day is just another day not a holiday and the celebrations associated with so caholiday should be avoid.

Please remind yourself what would Jesus do? Yes it is cliches but we really should think about it before we do stuff. II have no problem with innocent costumes any other time of yr nut during the month of October costumes should be avoided in my humble opinion. I am not saying you have to change your ways but think before make your final decision.

If II know candy is tempting but I know I would be parent if I had child I would say to them no we don’t beg for candy from strangers it is kind of not most neighborly thing to do and and on November first I will buy you candy. Which would be completely safe.

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