Seasame street puppets ages

I had no plans to write anything todayand I read the most stupid sentence someone claimed big bird was supposed to be 4 uhm like no. Some of puppets ages are cleared and I won’t guess on Grover,cookie monster and bert and Earnie just the puppets that are clearly 7 or younger will reveal there ages.


Prarie Dawn is 7 it is very clear she is 7. I think Harry Monster is also but never comfirmed.


Big bird is 6 he has told us so. Telly is most likely also six. He has .mentioned monstergarden in the past. And when something upsets either big bird or Telly they have simmilar melt downs. I do not know for sure on Rosita but she hangs outaa lot with Telly or use to so probaly 5 or 6.


Snuffy is 5.

Zoey 4 1/2 this information is everywhere ss related.


Abby and baby bear are 4 they have said so.


Elmo is 3. And that is how he always tells us.


Alice(snuffy’s little sister) 2.

Curly(baby bears lil sis) and Natasha about118 months old.






I have a confirmed confirmed age on Alice because of the epiode they did on the snuffle 2’s but can’t give exact age on like Rosita because it is pretty ambigious just indicated close in age to Telly but her not being from ss adds a condrum.. Idk how anyone ever thought big bird was 4.





















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