Arthur cartoon

I enjoy Arthur and don’t care that I am 31 years old. However I am not going to be so nice to Arthur Reed and his crew as I have some problems now. I am not against characters who don’t age but quit the tease of oh they are moving up and next season 0 change this isn’t first time Arthur did it.I find it kind of weird when characters are in school and don’t age just a personal pet peeve. Just once every 10 to 15 years let characters grow up 1 year if have long running show. Its not something shorter running cartoons need to adress.

Arthur for being 8 he sure wines a lot.Buster does to. The thumb sucking episode was ridicoulous that should’ve been D.w or one of her friends with that issue not what we got.


Francine is such a bossy boots. How does Muffy have any friends with way she acts.and how did she end up in a public school.


Brain is a a good character. He is relatively normal for a 9 year old in class of mostly 8 year olds.I wish they could explore more with him and Lydia. She was introduced specifically for Brain aka Alan love intrest.

Binky I don’t get him its like he has 2 diffrent personalities.


Ladonna bangs head but she is good match for Buster. I don’t get why she was brought in. Sue Ellen is new kid and can’t have been there that long sense still in same grade. We will get to Ladonna’s brother in a bit.


Sue Ellen she is a good character but grr did they miss an opportunity with Math episode.why not take this chance to teach kids about discalcuya(math learning disablity) instead it ends in oh we are all Math people. Not true a calculator is my best friend in a grocery store.


Apparently kid named Maria in ratburn’s class who stutters. I think that’s why missed oppertuinty with sue ellen pisses me off more. They adressed Dyslexia with George brought in Carl for Autism.

Not much to say about George and Fern or Jenna.


D.w has really grown a lot as character and her starting K would be good thing. Her friends are a bunch of nuts save for Shake I actually liked that episode as D.w got to learn and Brain showed a lot of patiences with helping her I would have liked a dash of sue ellen in it or not use her va in song but it is still a terrfic episode. What was terrible episode was Budd at 4 being made fun of by the girls for not being able to tie his shoes at 4. Age 6 to 7 is average age a child learns to tie own shoes I was 10 before it clicked for me.Bud is annoying. Thats just it. Tibble twins where even known to be trouble by characters from start. Bud isn’t memt to be trouble but is far more annoying.Emily is a priss and James one day will kill someone in future.

Baby Kate and her new friend Binky’s little sister are baby geniuses. It was funny when Arthur and Binky knew they where talking to each other but not what they where saying. And at least in future baby Kate won’t be mute she has a few words.I. not going to discuss any of the 4th graders they exists for plot convience. Just my thoughts. Let D..w start K. Baby Kate turn 2. The 3rd graders become 4th graders makeling 4th graders 5th graders.and they missed an oppertuinty and mixed some stuff up.













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