Stuttering story

So I guess sense copy and paste aren’t working I retype this story and pray my phone doesn’t go wonky. So I grew up stuttering but having adhd it made me less self concious about it I talked a lot anyway. So here is thing by time I got to hs most days you wouldn’t have known I had a stutter it wasn’t to bad unless I got exicted or pissed off. Unfourantly a friend of mine Todd had a pretty bad one. And in study hall there where these 2 bullies. I obviously always stood up to them. But they went way to far one day and I wasn’t having a good day. So I stood up for my friend Todd however my stutter came in play because I was that angry. I know not my fault I had a stutter and Todd didn’t know. It was still embarrassing all the way around. Todd left room crying. I had revealed something about me most of school had no prior knowledge to. I went out into hall and apologised to Todd and explained I wasn’t making fun of him I had stutter to but mine didn’t come out very often anymore. It just wasn’t fun. Neither Todd nor I enjoyed the rest of the day. It just one of those things and I still sometimes feel guilty even though I know it wasn’t my fault.


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