Lays do us a flavor

So lays flavor competetion starts again. Here is link to my gallery please go vote for 1 or both of mine all you have to do is click i’d eat that. So I made bbq chicken pizza. I am allergic to olives which includes olive oil and most maranaria sauce aka pizza sauce has olive oil in it so I eat bbq chicken pizza from place that doesn’t oil there crust. So I put it in a chip bbq sauce,chicken and mozeterella cheese. My other flavor is a sweat flavored chip. It is pb&b cheescake. If you don’t love cheesecake you aren’t human. My grandads favorite sandwhich was peanut butter and banana I enjoyed it as well not as much as grandpa. I thought peanut butter and banana cheesecake chip sounds yummy.grandpa just like peanut butter and sliced bananas on bread. Before Elvis p was ever alive. And non of that pickle or bacon stuff. Grandpa liked to drink a glass of milk witu it. Please go vote for at least one of my flavors so I can make it to a finalists.  Thank you in advance.


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