My ranking of the generations of pokémon from wort to best

Gen 5 is the worst. They just where so focused on sticking it to peta in first games they where unable to make more then a few good pokémon of course every generation has its duds but this has the most. Black 2 and white 2 while they tried a story but they could have done better.


Gen 4 the problem here is manics of d/p/p they over leveled team grunts making it hard to progress and the story was so tedious. It just took to long a d I lost desire to try.



Gen 1 yes they are this low on my list. It was a good introduction and had some good pokémon. But seriously Giovanna had dumb preteens and teens working for him that gave away loads of crucial information.  It was a good start but a very convient start.


Gen 6 it is good it has some pokémon I don’t get but so do even my favorite regions. The problem is the post game story is better then main game story. I almost cried at post game story that is how powerful it is.


Gen 7 was determined to reedem itself for gen 4 thru 6 and you know what they did. Plenty of cool new pokémon. Along with not forgetting and old. They brought back a friend from gen 6 for post game I am so trying to not spoil anything. The main game story has suprises it is a tough game but not in tedious way of d/p/p.

Gen 2 and 3 tie as my favorite. Fyi they both have equal amounts of water just dispersed diffrently. Obviously is easier to play there remakes these days which stay pretty close to orginals. The story telling is great both gens had least amount of dud new pokémon.  And they where just good and they are whsg began to acknowledged girls play games starting with Crystal onwards.and ruby and sapphire from start of gen 3. And honestly that is why they are the best they covered everything and there flaws added charcter. Who didn’t enjoy beating Silver and listening to some of his stupidty in gen 2 or in gen 3 showing whichever evil team error of there ways amd helping sick Wally. He became more of a challenge then who they set your rivial up to be.












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