Octonauts newest episode grr

Spoiler alerts ahead.As they do two 11 min episodes I just simplified it for the title. First 11 mminute episode was primarly cute fest with walrus pups and Captain barnacles niece and nephew. Just an ok episode.


The second episode was good an entertaining. The mantis shrimp on octopod so cool. However the ending angered me. Say thank you to Dashi to captain Barnacles. Ok I am getting ahead of self. So mantis shrimp started the octopod and then hit turbo button. Couple good lines where said and Dashi clearly had some intution before he instructed her as had gotten up on knees like captain where rest of crew was belly down. If Dashi hadn’t started manual steering they woukd have crashed into reef that takes skill in position they where in. Of course she can do it cause Dashi is awesome but still deserves a thanks. Kwazii did a stunt that I am still not entirely sure how as I said prior to Dashi starting manual steering most of crew was on there bellies. Kwazii helped Capitan barnacles Then captain thanked Kwazii and tjeu went into there weird strength and quickness speil never once acknowledging Dashi’s contribution or thanking her. It pisses me off.


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