Barneyand ffriends season 1

I have a lot to say on Barney both friends and byg but later seasons  will be adressed later. If you watched Barneyand the backyard gang  obbrivated by fans as byg. You would know Micheal had a sister most likely a twin named Amy. I will discuss more on byg later on. See this back story is important to s1 of Barney and friends here is issue as good as first season is they never adressed one thing where was the character Amy. I do know what happend with actress to play her and that she fine now. However 6 yr old me had no clue and it was before the internet.Season 1 of Barney and friends often reffrenced byg and someone’s sister doesn’t just doesn’t disappear without explanation thus why I take such issue with lack of adressing it.

Barney and friends s1 family’s just right for me would have been perfect  opportunity to adress it. They even had Micheal sing in jump rope part the sister line. I think there where two excellent opportunities to quickly adress it. When characters where adressing what they like to do with famlies. Or after Luci and Tina’s sister song. It seemed so set up to quickly adress it yet drop it. They even had character Michael seem upset while they where singing and Barney seem to comfort him. It only would have took a minute tops to adress it. Micheal why you look so sad. Micheal just thinking about Amy. Then something about why. Micheal then says something like she is still very sick or I miss her while she is away at dance school. A hug and back to Kathy learning it is ok her family is different. It really would have been so simple.

My favorite episode is 1,2,3,4,5 senses from season 1. It worked as is even if Micheal was in it and it adressed something that kids shows generally don’t blindness. You really have to watch this episode to understand what I mean it works in it’s own context.

Of course several episodes hmoment when they could have adressed Amy. I do enjoy s1 of friends it is just a weird thing in my brain that can’t let it go(don’t you dare). Maybe it is because it generally did things so well that this issue stands out. Please do check out two episodes I gave you and Barney and the byg.


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