I still despise this time of yr do to what it is and what is everywhere but why repeat last yr. I had this blog for about a yr wow. Ok now to topic at hand dolls. I fell in love with in store I have one I did cut her hair and it didn’t work out great but she is still adorable and I will be getting another one.  I also as birthday gift to self in November be getting and I plan on getting myself 3 dolls as gift to self as birthday gift to self I think I have an obsession.I already have names picked out any guesses for tthe names?. However I didn’t stop there. We are talking avout November in north east Indiana I don’t think camp conslour doll would be to happy in that outfit. As cute as baker doll is her outfit is to pink for me. The lil ballerina outfit that doll comes in is cute and Skirt fits fine but biketard(a typr of leotard) she comes in is to tight. So I am not buying doll clothes they are kind of expensive for what they are and few long sleeved choices and pants are either to sparkly or to pink for me. So I am buying baby clothes to turn into proper doll clothes for the weather. I am not stopping there sadly but this is my birthday gift to self. They need a wire brush to keep there hair nice. I am also getting a baby playpen so they have a place to sleep. I only have a twin bed so no room for them in bed with me. I have ideas for the future but that’s my birthday plan lots of dolls with goodies for them.


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