Mattell Barbie sisters

This isn’t really against Mattel though I fail to get why introducing Chelsea ment they had to get rid of Kelly. And I do hope they bring back Kelly soon but we will see I have learned sisters with 1 exception usually come back. But this is against so called fans of Barbie sisters.

I to admit I was fooled at first because of Chelsea’s bizarre introduction. H wo However a true fan does their research. Chelsea and Kelly are two different characters it is really obvious whenhave both dolls or at least it should be. Kelly doll while introduced first is technically younger sister to Chelsea. Kelly is smaller doll. This child is kind of bubbly but also prone to stubbornness and getting frustrated with herself when feels she has done something wrong.

I am still getting toknow character of Chelsea but she seems more easy on herself then her little sister.Also Chelsea seems more prone to wandering off.

Of course since are sisters ha’ve their similarities like making mischief and mimicking their three elder sisters. They defiantly mostly take after Barbie liking to do a lot of different things.

Skipper and Stacie confused ppl also at one time but that was more because before tjey matured Skipper’s face only main difference was Stacie’s blue yes had bit of green in them if that makes any sense at all where as Skipper had blue eyes and Skipper being bit taller it was more of name confusion. Cause some ppl in 90’s where not that smart.

Stacie is an active gymnast and is kind of supposed to he at stage of wanting own space from her sister’s.

Skipper is a teenager she she likes baby sitting,skateboard,scooters and animals. Nd of course a phone like all teens do. She has shown an pintrest in photography and music from time to time.She also wants to stand out a bit from her sister’s thus why apparently currently she died her hair for current dolls brunette with pink streak or often she would prior when had blonde hair streak it sometimes pink,sometimes purple and once green check out extrem green teen Skipper on Amazon. I am not sure green was her first choice and I think pink may have been a Barbie thought.

Skipper’s Favre colors seem to be Blue and Purple.

Stacie likes the colors light blue,orange and red but only in shoes unless she is being an advertisement see happy meal Stacie.

Chelsea likes Barbie pink and I think bright yellowKelly seems to like sofpink and blueKelly seems to enjoy many shades of blue but also wears plenty of denim. Kelly also enjoys dressing up the most.

Chelsea is willing to dress up as long as doesn’t habe to fully costume to become animal or character.

Stacie and Skipper will do it if have to but don’t like it.


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