McDonald’s French fry maker

Sorry I haven’t blogged lately life happens, Now on to French fry maker
This was a food toy from early 90’s I had one. II have noticed in few minutes of spare time lately in reviews of this no one ever puts potato bread in this sucker then.

I vvery clearly remember sis and I pitting potatoes bread in and cranking handle.sometimes we toast it first other times no then we would sprinkle with Sal and dip in ketchup justlike real friend

None of odd recipients like on the recipient guide.

You net your potatoes at some point I do plan on buying one of these again. I I have to get one to do video review on it and knock some sense into reviewers.

I will make sure I have some potatoes brea and will post it on Miss Amanda’s toy corner on channel of Miss Amanda’s world, it will probably be July or August when I get it I can’t say for sure.
Potatoe bread fries yum. I just used link above so everyone could see picture of the fry maker. And also have place if someone was so inclined where they could get it from.


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