Nimble sports

Sorry for not posting in awhile life happens and gets busy. Let me preface what I am about to say is I played for this item out of my own pocket and they aren’t paying me for this. I bought a sectional gymnastics mat yesterday at 3 am morning from nimble sports. The mat was already delivered at about noon today by FedEx(still question this company). However mega compliments to nimble sports for quick shipping and the sectional mat is just what I needed it didn’t cost a lot for mat to extend my tumbl trak instead of buying whole new mat for over $100 I got the 2 ft exestion I needed for $49.95 that includes the shipping it is $30 something before shipping. It is a little wider with wise then my tumbl team mat but it will work great for me. Sectional mats are 2′ by 4′ I forget the height of both mats. Nimble sports sectional mat looks of except quality and what is awesome is they easily Velcro together despite being different brands. I needed the 2′ in length because my forward split length is longer then 6′ length and will give me a little more room for forward and backwards rolls and I won’t over shoot the mat. I will be getting more sectional mats from nimble sports at later date for like my beam and possibly some to create a floor for my routine later on. Thank you for your wonderfully quick service nimble sports


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