ADHD and me

For me it was clear that way my brain worked was a bit different before I even turned 1. How many infants learn to stand then dive bomb out of their crib before they learn to walk it isn’t many I do think their are better diagnostics options then the survey we use. I wasn’t officially diagnosed till 27 because as child my pediatrician didn’t want to admit it I know she knew but also at the time in 90’s their was no overall so can’t truly blame her especially from what I know of rittilian it is not a good thing.I even once in early school days had teacher call me a spazzy I think it was my second grade teacher. I more nor less got expelled from my first kindergarten do to bei refusing to read a witch book. It was considered being defiant to the teacher. I know I messed with my families head when I was small runni off. It was just very clear I was ADHD, even of no one wanted to officially say so till I was a grown woman. However we know it is a neurobiological disorder which means for young children instead of saying flat out every child is ADHD test them nerolgically to find out. As paper Iinterview could be wack and will ensure a college kid doesn’t fake ot for the drugs trust me college kids be insane. Also ensures teachers aren’t just trying to get a zombie class in primary and middle school which means overly well behaved children. For preschooler I was kept busy but did’t go to preschool so I wouldn’t be disruptive it .


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