Trying fairy bread review

I was so scared of trying thievIng didn’t want to film self trying it. My reaction is meh probably never eating it again but it wasn’t as gross or creepy as I thought it would be. It just taste like you put sprinkles on bread. I thought it feel like crushing dead skulls it didn’t thankfully not that I know what that is like in my mouth but you know that creepy crunch on something soft it wasn’t that. So that’s right Saturday I tried fairy bread and order Shopkins. I will review Shopkins once they arrive as well as other interesting things that happen to me. Or rant if I need to. This was just to say I am glad I tried fairy bread but I won’t be tryieating it ever again as was underwhelmed but thankfully not grossed out which is big deal as I have mouth texture issues. I freak if my eggs aren’t cooked thru. Now guess I have added some pictures of what my fairy bread looked like and sorry ppl in Australia andNew Zeland I used margarine instead of butter as that’s what I use. Now if not from like half way or more around the world from Indiana USA I challenge you to make and try fairy bread. Bacon my piggy friend and little hounding Harvey your mama make you each a peice with sprinkles you like best.CAM08219




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