FedEx is infuriating

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile holiday chaos is over. Now on to topic f u to FedEx fu to them. Oh we can’t find where you live yet fFedEx driver speeds right on by it is technically fedexground nut idc about minnor difference still f them. YThey know where I live even got not in mail box they just refused to deliver my over $100 package oh come pick it up at our facilities. I don’t drive morons. The place where it is at the tacitly is out of town and that’s jus to much to ask of a friend. I wouldn’t ne so livid if this item wasn’t so expensive I will nevehave said item unless theyactually listened to me which I doubt. I am also probably out the over $100 simply because I do not drive. I am angry very angry and sad. It is a lot of money for me.. I habe attached a photo of FedEx card I tore up. I just needed to vent.CAM08146


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